This Particular Podcast Series Ends On Episode 52


Alex has decided to call it a day on the Future Library series. It’s had a great run and we really appreciate everyone who’s been involved in it. He explains more in the final podcast.  More »

Liverpudlian Artist Talks Art on Podcast 51: Sean Wárs


Alex speaks to Liverpudlian artist and musician Sean Wárs about Microsoft Paint, noise gigs, art school, local venues, and how there’s more to his hometown than The Beatles.  More »

From Metal Drummer To Scottish Poet on Podcast 50: Kieran McRobben


In the fiftieth (or is it fifty first?) episode, Alex speaks to drummer turned performance poet Kieran McRobben. In a discussion that takes in intimate venues, cage fighting, Doctor Who, open source software, and geeks inheriting the Earth, Kieran proves that he’s not your average beat generator.  More »

Recording An Album Over The Internet! Podcast 49: Flamingods


Karthik and Craig of Bahrain/London psych-jammers Flamingods speak to Alex about the economics of selling music, ‘Ben Hur’, recording an album over the internet, pizza, and what not to put in the DVD drive of a MacBook Pro. More »

Podcast 48: Jon Spira Talks Elstree 1976 (Star Wars documentary)


Film Director/writer Jon Spira discusses his movie ‘Elstree 1976’, a look at the lives of the men and women behind the masks and prosthetic alien faces in Star Wars.More »

Podcast Episode 47: Colin Webster and Graham Dunning


Improvisers Colin Webster and Graham Dunning talk to Alex about playing live, art, and running record labels. Along the way we achieve two firsts for the podcast – a live set from the guests, and the whole thing being video as well as mp3.  More »

Podcast Episode 46: Love Cult


In the latest episode of the Future Library podcast, Alex speaks to Russian duo Love Cult about how long songs should be, punk gig booking, and adding more reverb.  More »

Podcast Episode 45: Úlfur Eldjárn of Apparat Organ Quartet


Alex talks to Úlfur Eldjárn about Punk, the history of music in Iceland, technology, on stage facial expressions, and much more.  More »

Podcast Episode 44: Henry Faber


Alex speaks to Minnesotan musician Henry Faber about how his nascent career in music is coming together.  More »

New Podcasts Featuring Doseone, Dino Spiluttini, Matt Elliott

future library podcast

We’re back! The blog’s database has been fixed (huge thanks to Douglas Greenshields) and Alex has kept himself busy by chatting to even more guests worthy of your attention. Hey ho, let’s go.  More »