Standard Planets Work With Krautrock Legend Harald Grosskopf

standardplanets-150pxCosmic loops and ‘out there’ soundscapes are all part of the celestial orbit of the day. Today we dock with prog-synth trio Standard Planets.  

If teenage rebellion sounds like something your parents approve of then you’re doing it wrong. Side-stepping the indie rock landfill, the most interesting thing I’ve listened to today is by a Brighton/London-based prog-synth trio who call themselves STANDARD PLANETS.

Believe it or not, the Scottish Underground Scene does get first look when it comes to choosing a blogpost target. Scanning over my Facebook list of Scottish artists for updates, nothing stood out. TYCI continue to pour out a continuous stream of brilliant content, Vic Galloway on BBC Radio Scotland continues to give rising bands live sessions, with most other folk today plugging gigs and YouTube videos. The List have an interview with former Come On Gang singer Sarah Tanat-Jones who has a new solo EP out under the moniker Synaesthete - that’s about your highlights today.

Confusing as the press release is, the music is what made me focus on Standard Planets. That confusion boils down to the ‘debut single’ coming out April 14th yet The Quiet Us did a pre-debut album interview with them back in 2011. Am I missing something here? Did the album never get released? Why did the soundcloud tracks listed in that interview get taken down? So many questions…

“We are very happy to announce that we will be releasing our debut-single on April 14th of this year; the cover of which you can see above. As some of you may know, this will be a collaboration with krautrock legend Harald Grosskopf.”

The mailout goes on to say they are taking live bookings through Vision Music who also handle the Pet Shop Boys. Give the track a listen and see what you think. Wonder if many other blogs will notice these guys?


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