Podcast Episode 46: Love Cult

lovecult-podcast-150pxIn the latest episode of the Future Library podcast, Alex speaks to Russian duo Love Cult about how long songs should be, punk gig booking, and adding more reverb.  

If I could code I’d be dangerous. It’s frustrating enough that the latest WordPress update has meant that adding a ten pixel border of space around an image now requires inputting the CSS directly as opposed to doing it via a menu. I mean, how dare the creators of this free software force me into doing any work. I end up having to go back to the previous post and copy pasting the CSS code I created the last time. How very dare they.

With June approaching, it’s about time this blog stepped up a gear and goes mad with the highlight pens. There’s so much to write about.

For now, relax in the company of Russian duo Love Cult. Enjoy!

Download Episode #46 – Love Cult



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  1. A nice one! Was a cool start of my day. Thanks :)