New Podcasts Featuring Doseone, Dino Spiluttini, Matt Elliott

future library podcastWe’re back! The blog’s database has been fixed (huge thanks to Douglas Greenshields) and Alex has kept himself busy by chatting to even more guests worthy of your attention. Hey ho, let’s go.  

Yes it’s Easter Sunday as I write this and it’s a relief to have a blog that isn’t full of broken links. I won’t bore you with the technical details but I’m planning on moving to a new website host in the near future. If I can avoid screwing the database up further in the meantime that would be lovely. But enough jibber jabber, we’ve uploaded lots of new podcast episodes for you to listen to.


Alex and Kat talk to US rapping legend Doseone (CloudDead, Subtle, Themselves, 13 & God etc etc) about cats, getting high running, eggs, drive by shootings, Arnie, poop sex, and a whole load of other things – and a little bit about music.

Download Episode #43 – Doseone



Alex speaks to Austrian musician and visual artist Dino Spiluttini about moving house, Vienna vs Berlin, local indie bands, loop stations, the legitimacy of programming music, and a whole lot of other stuff

Download Episode #42 – Dino Spiluttini



Aging, correct wallet location, public transport toilets, politics – all these and much much more are discussed with Matt Elliott (Flying Saucer Attack, Movietone, Third Eye Foundation, etc) in a cheerfully rambling instalment of Future Library.

Download Episode #41 – Matt Elliott


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