Episode #38: Craig Weldon

craig-150pxAlex and Kat talk to author and musician Craig Weldon about bias in history books, writing music for the stage, regional accents, urban myths, and whether Java script was the preferred programming language of Adolf Hitler.  

Good news – it’s time for a new episode of Future Library. This one features Craig Weldon and I’ll most likely add a few more words here after I’ve had a chance to listen to the show. Usually I listen to it first before I put it online but it’s been a busy day. Enjoy!

Update: I’m only 11 minutes into the podcast and already I’ve ordered Craig’s book on hillwalking. Click the cover image below if you’d like to check out reviews on Amazon. I don’t use affiliate links on this site (that’s where you get a % of the sale) as my aim has always been to keep it ad free. So if you view this blog with an ad blocker, you’ll miss out on the links to other cool music sites (and causes) that I use with images that could be identified as ‘ads’. Anyway, if you enjoy the outdoors pick up Craig’s book!

Download Episode #38 – Craig Weldon



Click the image to buy Craig’s book on Amazon.
Hillwalkers of Scotland unite!



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