From Metal Drummer To Scottish Poet on Podcast 50: Kieran McRobben

kierancover-150pxIn the fiftieth (or is it fifty first?) episode, Alex speaks to drummer turned performance poet Kieran McRobben. In a discussion that takes in intimate venues, cage fighting, Doctor Who, open source software, and geeks inheriting the Earth, Kieran proves that he’s not your average beat generator.  

What makes people tick? The armchair psychologist in me enjoys listening to people’s stories. Hailing from Arbroath and part of the Dundee music scene in Scotland, Kieran McRobben’s artistic journey is one for curiosity cats.  His move from behind the drum kit in metal bands to spoken word poetry, with nothing between him and the audience other than a microphone, is genuinely fascinating.

Great stories don’t always get the attention they deserve. This latest episode in the Future Library series is a timely reminder that music is never a competition and always about self-expression. How that expression begins and evolves is the journey many of us seek to embark on – no matter how daunting it first appears. Enjoy!

Download Episode #50 – Kieran McRobben

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