In Your Battery Face

battery-face-band-glasgow-150pxAs much as I’d like to pigeonhole BATTERY FACE with phrases like noise-rock or post-punk, the truth is they’re not as two dimensional as you might expect. Their well-crafted, intelligent songs even managed to stand their ground when sharing a bill with Sub Pop’s hardcore riff demons METZ. No easy task! In case you’re unfamiliar with the band, here’s an introduction. 

If we play the cool by association game, Battery Face are doing alright. Alongside METZ they’ve shared stages with Les Savy Fav, Acoustic Ladyland, and That Fucking Tank. So you get an idea of the company they keep.

First time I saw the band was in Bar Bloc, Glasgow (possibly as a four piece). Second time was in Broadcast, Glasgow (possibly as a three piece). I don’t take notes at gigs so details become sketchy if I don’t write things down soon afterwards.

My take away from the first gig was that not only were they more than decent, they had one amazing song in particular that you’d almost steal for yourself. Upon hearing them for the second time, I had to ask the singer-guitarist if they were playing a lot of new songs because it all sounded quite unfamiliar. I was surprised to hear it was almost the same set as before.

Battery Face are definitely one of the better up-and-coming bands around at the moment and I’d encourage everyone to give them a listen.





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