Future Library Podcast #15: Fat Goth

fat-goth-podcastFuture Library Podcast #15 packs in over an hour of Fat Goth chat. Part-nonsense, part total-nonsense. You might even hear a new Fat Goth song or two at forthcoming gigs with Torche and the ‘Human is not Alone‘ series of shows.  

With so much critical acclaim surrounding Fat Goth’s latest album STUD it’s refreshing to hear a band not self-absorbed with its own kudos. Following on from the Fraser Simpson podcast episode, the Dundee music scene gets another once-over with more in-jokes than a quick game of Grand Theft Auto.

Previous bands, previous bassist Alan, and the Fat Goth visual aesthetic all get a mention. Although they stress they’re not a joke band (Gonzo metal is my favourite description to date) their warped sense of humour is out in full force. Wearers of counterfeit band t-shirts and Eastenders fans beware! Oh and there’s hair talk too.

The theme of not paying for things continues, “you can’t download a good time…as this podcast has proven”.



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