Voting Open For Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014

samas-2014-150pxThe voting is now open for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014. In the first hour over 2,500 votes have been cast. Mostly likely all in Glasgow. By girlfriends and grannies. You can make up your own punchline.  

The people behind Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014 (SAMAs) are worthy of kudos. That’s why I’m side-stepping the rant about music not being a competition. One band manager in attendance last year was happy to slag off a SAMA performance on Twitter. Thankfully that tends to be the exception rather than the norm. Encouraging people to further their artistic merit means not falling into the traps of the industry.

Given how relatively unknown the nominated acts are, we can safely put this in the same category as the Scottish Album of the Year award. Boosting exposure for the artists involved should outweigh the small amount of negativity generated from petty jealousy and envy. You would hope that no-one takes it too seriously.

The public vote for this year’s SAMAs is now open. Go forth and vote.

Just don’t confuse the band with the most pals in Glasgow with artistic merit, OK? Thanks.


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