Episode #39: Mouse Eat Mouse

mouse-eat-mouse-podcast-150pxAlex is joined by CD Shade and Matt Lehane of Mouse Eat Mouse to discuss home recording, the splintering of theatre groups, band rehearsals, and Scottish independence.  

It’s been almost two weeks since the last blog update and that’s because if my mind was a car, it’s been running on nothing but fumes these last few weeks. Now that things are becoming a little easier, here’s the first of two podcasts going live this evening. This first one is with Mouse Eat Mouse, the second with French designer Suzywan.

Given how much work Alex puts into these shows, do consider subscribing to the show’s iTunes feed (there’s a big subscribe link button on the right side of this page!). You can also catch up on archive shows on YouTube. If you use Twitter you can find the show at twitter.com/FutureLibrary1



Download Episode #39 – Mouse Eat Mouse



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