New Fat Goth Track Courtesy Of Kerrang On SoundCloud

fat-goth-band-2014-150pxFAT GOTH’s forthcoming third album, One Hundred Percent Suave, is released on May 12th. The first track is available to stream now courtesy of Kerrang!  

Back in December I tried to warn you,”there are no alt-rock wannabe anthems here, only fast complex prog-metal designed to enthrall, delight and amaze.” Like a brick smashing into the face of an impending zombie in The Walking Dead – FAT GOTH have returned.

And not just any brick. A Scottish brick. That fucking hates zombies.

What did you expect? It’s cause and affect” Fraser Stewart snarls. The press photos continue to take the piss but on record they’re deadly fucking serious about melting your face off. This is the other end of the songwriting spectrum to the simplicity that HONEYBLOOD capture. Math rock? How dull! Let’s play math metal instead at a pace only the criminally insane would appreciate.





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