Scotland’s Provocative Away Kit & The Paperback Throne

scotland-away-kit-2014-150pxIn the 70s and 80s Scotland had great football players. By the 90s it had twee indie artists getting namechecked in Hollywood movies. Is football and twee indie in Scotland still worthy of such attention?  

Scotland’s music heritage and love of all things twee is well known. The daily mash’s satirical swipe, “New Scotland kit reflects country’s tradition of twee indie music” is the result of football fans’ raised eyebrows at the new luminous pink and lemon stripes on white design. As it turns out, today’s post will not be a reminder of Scotland’s hairy underbelly of hardcore-esque bands. Instead let’s discuss The Paperback Throne – and yes they’re a bit twee!

Music fans who follow Podcart may have already spotted this husband and wife duo whose new single Amma was it’s Song of the Day. I only discovered this after The Paperback Throne sent me a tweet and pointed towards their YouTube video which is rather lovely.

Jaded as some may be with twee indie, there’s always room for one more if it has enough quality. Given how quick I am to pull the trigger on snooze-fest jangle pop, I’m happy to write that The Paperback Throne are worthy of your attention and deserve a thumbs up.

The Paperback Throne on Facebook.

The Paperback Throne on Iffy Folk Records.


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