Honeyblood, Secret Motorcycles, The Yawns at Flat 0/1

milk-anti-valentines-party-2014As Glasgow scenester gigs go this is ONE NOT TO MISS! It’s MILK Anti-Valentine’s Party with tasty helpings of grunge, surf and pop on Wednesday, February 12 in the year 2014.  

Yesterday’s post on Lee Ranaldo and Julie Tippex had a blogpost tag for FENSTER yet they didn’t even make it into the piece. Did I get carried away? Did it cross my mind that any of them might contribute quality banter to a Future Library podcast? Words. You throw enough of them against the whiteness of the WordPress post area and see what sticks. Hearing the new track from Kaddish and realising it’s a quality slice of hardcore has given me second thoughts. Nope, let’s stick with the gameplan. There’s always the next post.

Valentines. Anti-Valentines. Sideways-Valentines. How we use the occasion to hook in an audience matters not in this instance. What a fantastic lineup! FatCat signings Honeyblood are playing a show this week with fellow indie kids Secret Motorcycles, and everyone’s fave band The Yawns.

Little does the world realise that there’s a new hardcore band in Dundee called YAWN that features Kev Black of Fat Goth, swapping his bass for drums. Will YAWN ever share a bill with THE YAWNS? Unlikely but not impossible. Maybe there’s room for a band called A YAWNING ?

If it’s a proper gig description you want, pop over to the Facebook event page. It contains mentions of cookies and glow sticks.

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