Voting Open For Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014


The voting is now open for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014. In the first hour over 2,500 votes have been cast. Mostly likely all in Glasgow. By girlfriends and grannies. You can make up your own punchline.  More »

Gig Review: die! die! die!, Garden of Elks @NiceNSleazy Glasgow


Young Philadelphia opened this Glasgow gig at Sleazies but do you know how hard it is to fit them and Die! Die! Die! and Garden of Elks into a headline? Glasgow podcart put on another cracking show but the scenesters were nowhere to be seen. Only the loyal subjects turned out.  More »

Big Deal, Garden of Elks @ Broadcast, Glasgow 13th June


LIVE REVIEW: Indie slackers Big Deal evoke the spirit of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr with a poppier delivery while band members Underwood and Costelloe sing in unison. They’re like the physical embodiment of the song 1979. If only we could do something about the tumbleweed. More »

SAYawards Media Impact On Unsigned Exposure, GARDEN OF ELKS EP


As positive as the SAYawards can be, the local media coverage could lead to unsigned Scottish releases getting buried this month. Nonsense or some truth to it? GARDEN OF ELKS’ debut EP is on today’s agenda. More »