Podcast #32a: Ali Spagnola

ali-spagnola-150pxIn a surprise EXTRA episode, Alex speaks to Ali Spagnola, musician, painter, and one woman arts industry about how to make creativity pay, whether a show that encourages drinking can be staged responsibly, and how long a song should be.  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about hanging out with Alex, it’s never to argue with him unless you feel passionately about the topic. So when he says the next podcast in the series is 32A and not 33, the half-Vulcan part of me raises an eyebrow but that’s as far it goes. 32A it is. It’s not as if Sherlock Holmes showed up at 221b Baker Street and said, ‘no fucking way am I living at a place with a letter in the number!”

The latest guest is Ali Spagnola. I’d never heard of her before but within the first few minutes of the podcast I’m Googling the whole ‘power hour courtcase‘ thing and filling in the backstory. Oh, and she has 1.58million followers on Twitter. Which is about 1.58million more than @petpiranha has. Not only does Future Library continue to find obscure artists that I’ve never heard of but it continues to talk to internet celebrities that I’ve never heard of. Not that I’m classing Ali in the same bracket as anyone on Celebrity Big Brother. I’m not that cruel.

Anyway, here’s the podcast. Enjoy!


Download Episode #32a – AliSpagnola










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