Podcast #32: How To Swim

HTScover-150pxGregor Barclay of Glasgow scene veterans How to Swim joins Alex for the latest episode of Future Library. Listen to it now.  

Yes it’s yet another podcast in the Future Library series. For some reason the first time I typed that sentence it was Furniture Library which would be a different podcast entirely. That’d be the one where Alex discusses furniture for over half an hour and drops in product placement for Homebase. Moving swiftly chaise longue…

Gregor and Alex discuss making money from music, whether 4 albums in 13 years is enough, and the possible side effects of being a tyrant in a band. Although the first segment is mainly about registering domain names and whether bands even need a website of their own in the social media era. What do you reckon?

I’ll leave it to you to listen and decide. Enjoy!

Download Episode #32 – How To Swim


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