In Posterface band release debut 7″ More Life

In Posterace_More Life-150pxIN POSTERFACE is a band you’ll have to think about before recommending to friends with more mainstream music tastes. Being a pretentious, self-indulgent, art-noise band is fine as long as you have the balls to follow through and proclaim it proudly to the world. 

Far better to provoke a reaction and challenge people’s beliefs than walk the familiar path to eternal mediocrity.

It’s when Glasgow art acts refuse to acknowledge that it could never be pop-anything, that makes me want to hit the delete button. Self-labelling as they tend to do with descriptions such as “fight-pop” and “pop-web” is utter nonsense. Can you imagine David Lynch describing his film Inland Empire as pop-snippets? No, me neither. He simply said it was about “a woman in trouble”.

You could argue it’s only the music that matters but that doesn’t hold up at all if we’re talking performance art in which case everything matters – especially presentation. Otherwise they’d just have taken a band pic against a brick wall.

The overuse of made up pop genres can be traced back to when alternative rock music outside of Scotland had temporarily made Pop a dirty word. Glasgow’s art scene therefore attached it to every-fucking-thing regardless of merit. Fine. It’s 2013 now. Time to change the canvas.

“Pretentious-wankery” would be a more compelling genre statement. At least that’s a notion I respect. Whether I like it or not in this particular instance would be irrelevant. So I’ll ignore the press release and go to the DIY label page info from WINNING SPERM PARTY.

In Posterface band

On Monday 1st July, Glasgow rock group In Posterface will release debut single More Life / You Vomit Blood, on Glasgow DIY label Winning Sperm Party.

The single, released on 7” vinyl, combines visceral rock performances with chart music samples, everyday street noise, secret conversations, digital skipping and text cutups, on a double A side that owes as much to David Guetta as it does to The Fall, The Mothers and This Heat.

The single and accompanying mixtape, the band says, are produced in response to ‘compulsive communication and total ontological meltdown’.

The limited (200 copies) 33rpm 7” comes in a screen-printed sleeve specially designed by Glasgow-based visual artists Jamie and Rickie McNeill and contains a free CDR of the LP-length mixtape ‘no1’.

Describing the music itself would defeat the point. This is an interruption. A detour. Something for people to love or loathe depending on their understanding of the intention. I’m writing this as I watch the film, THE LIVES OF OTHERS, where great art emerges from the most horrendous repressions and threat of being blacklisted for not conforming to socialist principles.

In Posterface may not conform to pop culture rules but whatever they’re confronting, I’d rather they do it with the execution to back up the intention. On record there’s little fun to be had. I’d expect that live shows are a different prospect altogether. Confused? That’s always the point.




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