Don’t You (Forget About Me) …Said These Great Records

chvurches-150pxAye Tunes and Is This Music? have published their fave records of 2013. Cure your January blues with these tunes!  

McGarry you’re thinking. How can you shootdown linkbait posts only to then do a u-turn and promote best-of lists by Vic Galloway, Aye Tunes and Is This Music? For a man who enjoys using the phrase IN THE LAND OF HYPOCRISY a little too much, isn’t this just a little bit, well, hypocritical? 

Yes it is. But I don’t care. You know why? Because they’re the good guys. And some rules need to be broken. Stuart McHugh of Is This Music? and Jockrock has been helping to promote obscure and underground music for many, many years. Aye Tunes is equally a fully paid up member of the time-spent-promoting-others-I’ll-never-get-back gang. Go check out their musings.

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