Episode #40: Suzywan Deluxe


Alex talks to French designer Suzywan about the success of her Suzywan Deluxe brand.  More »

Episode #39: Mouse Eat Mouse


Alex is joined by CD Shade and Matt Lehane of Mouse Eat Mouse to discuss home recording, the splintering of theatre groups, band rehearsals, and Scottish independence.  More »

Episode #38: Craig Weldon


Alex and Kat talk to author and musician Craig Weldon about bias in history books, writing music for the stage, regional accents, urban myths, and whether Java script was the preferred programming language of Adolf Hitler.  More »

Episode #36: Dan Petley


In a slightly different kind of episode, Bristol musician and artist Dan Petley steps into the therapy office of Alex, and confronts his deepest fears and doubts.  More »

Episode #35: Blevin Blectum


Alex talks to electronic musician Blevin Blectum about her time designing sound for toys, sci-fi novels, and how heavy 16 year old Powerbooks are – amongst other things.  More »

Episode #34: Solvents


Jarrod Bramson of Port Townsend, WA duo Solvents talks to Alex about the benefits of isolated music scenes, whether television really did kill the radio star, and a shared dislike of Amanda Palmer.  More »

Podcast #32a: Ali Spagnola


In a surprise EXTRA episode, Alex speaks to Ali Spagnola, musician, painter, and one woman arts industry about how to make creativity pay, whether a show that encourages drinking can be staged responsibly, and how long a song should be.  More »

Podcast #32: How To Swim


Gregor Barclay of Glasgow scene veterans How to Swim joins Alex for the latest episode of Future Library. Listen to it now.  More »

Podcast #31: Make That A Take Collective


Alex chats to Derrick from Make That A Take about organising DIY shows, fundraising for charities like Safe Tay, and local music communities.  More »

Podcast #29: Celia Hollander aka $3.33


Alex talks to musician and visual artist Celia Hollander about her music under the name $3.33, the joys of Ableton Live, the secret Apple store in the middle of the desert in Australia, Tokyo, and a few other things.  More »