Podcast #28: Owen Ashworth (Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Advance Base)


Alex and Owen Ashworth talk about head colds, Travelodges, foreign toilets, the weight of Casio keyboards, how Suzuki are missing an obvious revenue stream, and why Casiotone for the Painfully Alone became Advance Base.  More »

Except For Viewers In Scotland…it’s The Clipshow


Mashup Time! Listen to Future Library Podcast Highlights from 2013, the one referred to as The Clipshow. Contains snippets of things yet to come. More »

How Future Library Surprised Us In 2013


The joke was we had two listeners per episode. By the end of 2013 each episode averaged over 2,000 streams on petpiranha.com excluding iTunes and YouTube. Whether we featured U.S. indie bands like Sixteen Deluxe or Scottish underground scene artists like The Strangers Almanac, some of you liked it enough to stick around. More »

Podcast #27: Lyle Christine


In a bumper Christmas edition of the show, Alex and Glasgow based musician Lyle Christine talk about internet trolling, virtual personas, production techniques, and a whole lot of other things.  More »

Podcast #26: Laraaji


Alex talks to sometime stand up comedian, actor, meditation guider, Brian Eno collaborator and musician Laraaji in a conversation that takes in laughter, cosmic vibrations, and what the perfect society might look like.  More »

Podcast #25: The Strangers Almanac


Alex speaks to Gord Matheson of The Strangers Almanac about the Dundee music scene, reviews causing hurt feelings, and playing gigs in living rooms.  More »

Podcast #24: Throwing Muses


Alex talks to Kristin Hersh and Dave Narcizo of US underground stalwarts Throwing Muses in a conversation that takes in the time saving advantages of pronouncing certain words certain ways, what a Gameboy is, psychic requests, and a few minutes talking about their new album.  More »

Podcast #23: Bristol based artist Penny Tristram


Alex speaks to Bristol based artist Penny Tristram about painting, beards, revolutions, and just how creepy is too creepy.  More »

Lachlann Rattray, Gay Against You Podcast 22


Future Library podcast episode 22 features Gay Against You shouter, and talented visual artist Lachlann Rattray. A quick look at their wikipedia page will tell you that some people thought they were quite good.  More »

Podcast Double Feature: Miles Hunt, Sanjeev Kohli, Sixteen Deluxe


TWO new podcasts for you. Episode #20: Alex speaks to Texan noise-pop band Sixteen Deluxe about volume, the economics of ‘free’, song titles, growing older, how much of the Blood of Jesus is too much. #21: chats to Miles Hunt & Sanjeev Kohli. That’d be the front man with The Wonder Stuff, plus Navid out of Still Game.  More »