Honeyblood, Secret Motorcycles, The Yawns at Flat 0/1


As Glasgow scenester gigs go this is ONE NOT TO MISS! It’s MILK Anti-Valentine’s Party with tasty helpings of grunge, surf and pop on Wednesday, February 12 in the year 2014.  More »

Julie Tippex And What’s Lee Ranaldo Up To?


Europe’s attitude to musicians is far healthier than it is in the UK. European booking agency Julie Tippex has been helping bands since 2004. Ten years on…  More »

Daria – Full Live Gig in Scotland (Video)


Unheard of French band struggles to get shows in Scotland as part of first UK & Ireland tour. Sound familiar? Back in October this is what we were up to. Non-Zeros in Dundee was the one we had filmed.  More »

Dot Dash – Another Take On Credible Guitar Pop


Today’s blogpost contains an unnecessary use of an asterisk, a confusing dEUS reference and a free download of a track I’d skip over myself. Bear with me.  More »

Stag and Dagger 2014 Lineup News


Glasgow’s one day music festival STAG AND DAGGER released the first lineup news & earlybird tickets today. I bought two given the lineup includes…  More »

Podcast #33: Jonathan Dick


Musician Jonathan Dick of Edinburgh band Curators talks to Alex about breaking up bands, getting married, Dundee, and Scottish independence.  More »

Enemy Airships First Ever Live Gig (Video)


There once was a band called Pensioner. They made one compelling record and then split up. One of the songwriters Ross formed two new bands. One is Little Anchors. The other is Enemy Airships. We shot a video of their first gig. More »

Louise Rutkowski Releases Diary of a Lost Girl


SUNSET GUN, THIS MORTAL COIL, THE HOPE BLISTER and THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS have all featured Louise Rutkowski’s vocals over the years. Better known for those releases on 4AD, the Glasgow based singer’s solo album ‘Diary of a Lost Girl’ is set for release on February 21st.  More »

Podcast #32a: Ali Spagnola


In a surprise EXTRA episode, Alex speaks to Ali Spagnola, musician, painter, and one woman arts industry about how to make creativity pay, whether a show that encourages drinking can be staged responsibly, and how long a song should be.  More »

Podcast #32: How To Swim


Gregor Barclay of Glasgow scene veterans How to Swim joins Alex for the latest episode of Future Library. Listen to it now.  More »