Episode #36: Dan Petley


In a slightly different kind of episode, Bristol musician and artist Dan Petley steps into the therapy office of Alex, and confronts his deepest fears and doubts.  More »

Go See United Fruit On Tour In March


‘Best Survival Knife’ and ‘Milf Webcam’ may sound like terrible punk bands but they are in fact two spambots who tried to comment today. Maybe they were excited about the return of UNITED FRUIT?  More »

New Fat Goth Track Courtesy Of Kerrang On SoundCloud


FAT GOTH’s forthcoming third album, One Hundred Percent Suave, is released on May 12th. The first track is available to stream now courtesy of Kerrang!  More »

Voting Open For Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014


The voting is now open for the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2014. In the first hour over 2,500 votes have been cast. Mostly likely all in Glasgow. By girlfriends and grannies. You can make up your own punchline.  More »

Episode #35: Blevin Blectum


Alex talks to electronic musician Blevin Blectum about her time designing sound for toys, sci-fi novels, and how heavy 16 year old Powerbooks are – amongst other things.  More »

Babe Glasgow Gig Feb 28, New Track on Soundcloud


French-Scots intelligent pop group BABE play Glasgow Feb 28th at The Glad Cafe, plus another track from their forthcoming album is on Soundcloud now. We strongly recommend everyone gets down to this show!  More »

Honeyblood Will Win Over Music Fans Live


Believe your ears. Honeyblood is the real deal live and will prove the doubters wrong. This is one of the strongest songwriting displays from a noise-pop Scottish band on the underground circuit right now.  More »

Episode #34: Solvents


Jarrod Bramson of Port Townsend, WA duo Solvents talks to Alex about the benefits of isolated music scenes, whether television really did kill the radio star, and a shared dislike of Amanda Palmer.  More »

Tectonics Glasgow Festival Promises Something Different


City-based mini festivals come thick and fast in Glasgow. The latest for your consideration is Tectonics Festival 2014. Whereas normally the phrase, “experimental music pioneers”, would have us reaching for Kryten’s red alert light bulb, in this case it’s an apt description.  More »

New Tracks From Kaddish, The Sparrowhawk Orkestrel


Dundee Rock City! Yes, two of Dundee’s most inventive & rockin’ bands have new tracks out this week. Yowsers! And not a single Scottish central belt scenester gives a toss. Y’know why? Because as Jamiroquai would say, WE’RE GOING DEEPER UNDERGROUND…  More »