You Say Lazy! I Say Accurate! Yet There’s More To Terrafraid


Dundee band TERRAFRAID have released a new album entitled Despondent. Despite support from the local scene, will the rest of Scotland embrace it? More »

Episode #40: Suzywan Deluxe


Alex talks to French designer Suzywan about the success of her Suzywan Deluxe brand.  More »

Episode #39: Mouse Eat Mouse


Alex is joined by CD Shade and Matt Lehane of Mouse Eat Mouse to discuss home recording, the splintering of theatre groups, band rehearsals, and Scottish independence.  More »

Episode #38: Craig Weldon


Alex and Kat talk to author and musician Craig Weldon about bias in history books, writing music for the stage, regional accents, urban myths, and whether Java script was the preferred programming language of Adolf Hitler.  More »

Rusty Hip: Zine 4 Launch Night In Dundee


Friday 14th of March! Tin Roof! Dundee Rock City! It’s Rusty Hip Collective launching a zine time again. Who needs grammar when you’ve got art?  More »

Battery Face Toy With Pandora’s Box


3-track album whatswhatstuff by Battery Face is available to stream now over at Bandcamp. That means we’re sneaking into the room that houses the Ghostbusters’ containment unit and listening to what goes on inside as the pressure gauge starts to peak into the red…  More »

Episode #37: The Paraffins


Billy Samson, front man of Glasgow band The Paraffins steps through the door of darkness into a very peculiar episode of Future Library. Really, this one can’t be described, you just have to listen to it… if you dare.  More »

Gig Review: Babe, Ubre Blanca, Woven Tents @ Glad Cafe

Woven Tents @ the Glad Cafe

Before they became world famous, BABE once played the tiny venue that is The Glad Cafe in Glasgow. At least that’s how the story may yet go if they keep writing music this catchy.  More »

Scotland’s Provocative Away Kit & The Paperback Throne


In the 70s and 80s Scotland had great football players. By the 90s it had twee indie artists getting namechecked in Hollywood movies. Is football and twee indie in Scotland still worthy of such attention?  More »

Standard Planets Work With Krautrock Legend Harald Grosskopf


Cosmic loops and ‘out there’ soundscapes are all part of the celestial orbit of the day. Today we dock with prog-synth trio Standard Planets.  More »