Rusty Hip: Zine 4 Launch Night In Dundee


Friday 14th of March! Tin Roof! Dundee Rock City! It’s Rusty Hip Collective launching a zine time again. Who needs grammar when you’ve got art?  More »

Film, Music, and Outdoor Fun at NILK


NILK at the Botanics is the micro-festival that deserves a special place in the hearts of art and music lovers everywhere. Here’s a few words about my experience of it this year. More »

Obscure Bands Hidden In Plain Sight


Alex reckons if Neds Atomic Dustbin had used a different name they’d have been famous. Or more famous. Which makes me think about local Scottish scenes, obscurity and how I’ll link that to THE WON OVER’s new material going up on bandcamp this week.  More »

St Kilda Mailboat, The Won Over, Little Anchors @ Duke’s Corner Dundee


LIVE REVIEW: Day three of ‘OTHER’ creative arts project launch in Dundee featured short films shown between St Kilda Mailboat, The Won Over, and Little Anchors at Duke’s Corner. More »

Take Your Chances In Winterfell With THE WON OVER


Friday bank holiday weekend and my brain is knackered. With limited can-be-arsed-ness available there’s only one band I want to write about this evening and that’s THE WON OVER. The fact they have a few gigs in Dundee on the horizon makes it a happy coincidence. More »