Battery Face Toy With Pandora’s Box


3-track album whatswhatstuff by Battery Face is available to stream now over at Bandcamp. That means we’re sneaking into the room that houses the Ghostbusters’ containment unit and listening to what goes on inside as the pressure gauge starts to peak into the red…  More »

Gig Review: die! die! die!, Battery Face @Opium Edinburgh

die! die! die! in Edinburgh

This double header live review blitz has one thing in common, opening bands who were missed. In this instance the honour fell to Lady North. Sorry guys! I can however indulge myself with even more words about Die! Die! Die! and the ever brilliant Battery Face – witnessed inbetween gorging myself on the Fringe Festival.More »

Scottish Music News Roundup Because It’s One Of Those Days


As much as I prefer to focus on one artist, band or theme per post most of the time, today is not one of those days. Sitting on a train for nine hours will do that to you. Here’s a roundup of news and links to excellent tunes, gigs and press updates.  More »