Video Update: Human is not Alone

humanisnotalone-video-150pxIn case you haven’t heard, Human is not Alone raised over £3,000 for Marie Curie. If you don’t know what I’m on about…fucks sake?! Where have you been?? Click through and get up to speed pronto honcho.  

Not so long ago the Scottish underground music scene came together under the banner HUMAN IS NOT ALONE. The charity gigs have come and gone, the compilation is up on bandcamp and everyone involved said it was a great success.

Since then news had been thin on the ground. Until last week that is when everyone’s favourite music and arts paper The Skinny featured the cause in its daily bulletin. The video update features Robbie Cooper (who masterminded the whole thing while in the middle of battling a rare cancer – love & hugs Robbie – we’re all rooting for you) and Chris Cusack who organises events at the Bar Bloc venue when he’s not pushing the creative envelope with his own musical projects. Between them they explain what it was all about and what you can still do to help. Watch it now.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a link to the compilation which features lots of great artists and tunes. You can even buy it and send it as a gift.

I saw the top selling albums in Tescos today and it’s grim out there in popular land. Let’s face it, there’s at least one friend of yours who only buys three albums a year and they’re all not very good. Blow their minds with some new music and help a great cause while doing so. Stop your internal dialogue now and just fucking do it. It’s only a fiver.


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