The Birthday Suit: Third Album on PledgeMusic


In 2013 it is now socially acceptable to camp outside the Glasgow ABC for Hanson. It’s now also OK to ask your fans to pre-order your next record through pledging. But only if your band isn’t rubbish. Otherwise you can rely on The Internet to point and laugh in the form of photoshopped gifs.  More »

Scottish Music News Roundup Because It’s One Of Those Days


As much as I prefer to focus on one artist, band or theme per post most of the time, today is not one of those days. Sitting on a train for nine hours will do that to you. Here’s a roundup of news and links to excellent tunes, gigs and press updates.  More »

July 10th Post: Leaving The Lights On


Posting at 2am means I’ve missed my daily deadline but today’s roundup is packed with useful music news including two T in the Park 2013 previews. Discover more new music here.  More »

The Birthday Suit – Covered Up Follows A Conversation Well Rehearsed


THE BIRTHDAY SUIT is a group with six members. Five of them are Jacqueline Irvine, David Jack, Steve Morrison, Séan McLaughlin, and Catrin Pryce-Jones. I have no idea if they were in any bands previously. Along with a sixth member who also plays guitar and sings lead vocals in the band, they create music which is a cut above […]More »